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This is a site dedicated to the Arcadia collectible card game released by White Wolf in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring a role playing aspect. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

Here you will find resources like card lists, maps, rules, alternate rules (including solo play), card evaluations, and strategy tips.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Game Statistics and Information

The following information is taken from the Scrye Collectible Card Game Checklist and Price Guide:

Publisher: White Wolf
Designer: Mike Tinney

Booster displays contain 24 packs
Booster packs contain 15 cards
Character booster packs contain 1 Character and 14 Merits/Flaws
Story booster packs contain 1 Quest and 14 Leagues/Waylays

Wyld Hunt
Released August 1996
Cards in Set: 377

King Ironheart's Madness
Released December 1996
Cards in set: 404

No rarities levels in either set.

"Billed by White Wolf as both a card game and a role playing game, Arcadia never quite caught on with fans of either game format. The cards, square-edged and featuring different images and text on both sides, may easily be mistaken for simple trading-cards by the uninitiated.

The Wyld Hunt was designed to be the first in a trilogy of releases for the Arcadia line. The second installment, King Ironheart's Madness, with a whopping 404 cards, was released at the end of 996 - just as the upheavals following the initial CCG glut led White Wolf to reconsider its plans.

The concluding installment, The Lion's Den, never saw print, but 781 cards is still plenty for a two-release game. Only MLB Showdown in 2000, would come near that mark." - James A. Mishler


Laughing Hyena said...

Do you have any information or tidbits about what the "The Lion's Den" was going to be about?

Because I have the same CCG books, and that's the only mention of it I can find.

White Wolf's other CCG (Rage) had a unreleased set in development too that also has barely any info on it. But from what I could gather was based around the Project Twilight RPG book supplement for W:tA.

I actually have more info on FRPG's unreleased sets for Rage Across Las Vegas than either The Lion's Den or the Rage: Project Twilight set together. I guess if any of you can get to interview Mike, could you bug him about this?

Jackalwere said...

I really have no idea what the Lion's Den was about. I know that in some White Wolf Changling literature, King David was referred to as "The Lion", but that takes place in our world, not in Arcadia.

I had assumed that the new set would take place in Skyeholme, since the Road to Skyholme in KIM appears to be able to connect to another league, and the card flavor text briefly mentions that Skyeholme has its own problems. This would make a great setting for an expansion.

I will certainly ask Mike this if I am granted an interview, but so far I have not heard back from White Wolf...