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This is a site dedicated to the Arcadia collectible card game released by White Wolf in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring a role playing aspect. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

Here you will find resources like card lists, maps, rules, alternate rules (including solo play), card evaluations, and strategy tips.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Arcadia Online

Reader Nin has a request for anyone who can help. In his words:

"Years ago a German forum friend of mine started an Arcadia Online script (Java).... unfortunately it was never finished, but I got the beta version. Do you know someone who could finish this project?"

Below are some screen shots for the project. If anyone is interested in resuming the work, please send me an email and I will forward it to Nin...


Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting.
Cheers, Nin

Laughing Hyena said...

Are there any plans for bringing Arcadia to the LackeyCCG program?

And are there plans on making Arcadia fansets like the Rage CCG fan community has done? Since there was a bunch of Changeling books put out after the game.

I wouldn't mind doing art for it.

Jackalwere said...

I have considered creating some homebrew cards, as long as White Wolf has no objections. Art was going to be my biggest problem, so if you can supply artwork, I can create the cards, create printing templates, and show how to make them real, which I've done for my Guardians community.

Oh, and we'll need people to brainstorm card ideas too...

AF said...

Count me in if there's ever a move to make a fan set. It seems to have worked fairly well for Rage and Decipher's version of Star Wars.

(I can only offer card ideas, I'm afraid.)

Can I start by suggesting that the fan version of The Lion's Den (I assume this is what we'd be doing) has 219 cards, in order to have the total number of Arcadia cards at an eye-pleasing number of 1,000? :-)

Jackalwere said...

We should be able to come up with 219 cards - leagues alone should number close to 50. Card ideas would be welcome. If Laughing Hyena is still around, artwork would be nice as well.

Tree said...

Really nice to see that there are still active enthusiasts of the Arcadia CCG! I am glad I kept my cards from both The Wyld Hunt and King Iron Heart's Madness, but an online version would make it much easier to find other players. I'll try to keep my eye on this as it develops.