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This is a site dedicated to the Arcadia collectible card game released by White Wolf in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring a role playing aspect. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Update 6-19-16

Hello Arcadians! Time has flown by and it's hard to believe it has been almost two years since I last posted. However, I just want you to know that I'm going to be putting more time into the site in a big way. I'd like to officially announce that I'm creating an expansion for Arcadia!

This will be a "fan" creation and is not affiliated with White Wolf in any way. I just thought I'd like to create some additional cards that can be used with the game and finish telling the story that began with the first two sets. I haven't committed to a name yet - I've been back and forth between King Ardlanth's Fate (KAF), Road to Skyeholm (RTS)., or Day of Darkening (DOD). It will not be called The Lion's Den, which was White Wolf's intended name, and I have no wish to infringe on that.

The setting begins after the events at the end of KIM, as the players look to Skyeholm, the ruling kingdom of Arcadia, to solve the puzzle of The Darkening and High King Ardlanth's fate. Skyeholm has three vassal kingdoms surrounding it: Ardenmore, Middlemarch, and the Arborian Nation. To the south of Middlemarch are the Fallen Lands, and to the North of Ardenmore is the Frost Kingdom. Like the original two games that tell a story when the quest cards are followed in a linear progression, this series of quests will take you from Skyholme to the Arborian Nation, from the Arborian Nation through familiar territory in Ardenmore to the Frost Nation, back through Ardenmore and Middlemarch, and into the dreaded Fallen Lands. From there what will happen is yet to be told.

This expansion will introduce new cards of every type, and reintroduce some familiar cards that have changed due to the events in TWH and KIM. However, the set will tilt heavily towards Quest, Waylay, and Map cards, as they will be the main difference from the released sets, which have plenty of Characters, Arts, Abilities, Flaws, and so on. I do have some artwork lined up for the new cards. I'm not certain how many cards will be in the set, but it is likely to be around 200 to 250 or so. That's still a lot of cards!

What I plan to do is work on cards then release them one at a time on the site, similar to the Ogre King Road card I created previously. I'll even discuss printing your own versions of the card for actual use! So stayed tuned for more info as it appears...


Kokeshi said...

Wonderful! I look forward seeing this expansion of yours!

BionicPerry said...

Hey hey! I just rediscovered this Arcadia game in my closet recently. And just discovered your blog. Very cool! I had NO IDEA that the league cards actually made MAPS!! O.O
Mind. Blown.

So of course I downloaded your map files and put together my maps. I've so far only put together the Ardenmore one from Wylde Hunt. I'm missing 10 Leagues!! NOO!! Lol! Now I must hunt the world for them!

I'm wondering: the jpg files you have for the two separate maps are low res. Any way you could load up hi res ones? I find they are easier to look at than the large composite pdf map you made. But when you zoom in, the text of the cards gets very pixelated and it's hard to read.

In any case THANK YOU FOR THOSE MAPS! I know it was someone else that put them together, so THANKS TO THEM as well. :)

I for one love discvoering other people with the same interests. So cool to discover that others still like this game. I haven't thought about it for years, and now I'm looking to complete a few things (characters and Leagues) and play your solo variants (which sounds great, btw).

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to the new cards from you expansion!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear of this! If the quality of these cards are anything like the Guardian cards you've designed, this is indeed something to look forward to!

I've also recently discovered my Arcadia cards, and have been occasionally playing Arcadia with a friend again--after about 15 years! I've created a site about the game you might be interested in. It is as yet incomplete, but I have a few additional things planned, like some notes on solo variants we developed back in the day (but can now only half remember--we're currently trying to develop them again). The site is at https://arcadiaccg.wordpress.com/

MadWelshWizard said...

This is cracking news!

Mikel said...

Is there any way to play this online?