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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Legend of Arcadia: Quest #2


The Waylay Deck is re-shuffled. For Treasure, Bill draws Lance of Ardlanth and Fae Blade. The Lance is placed on the Ardenroad (3) space and the Fae Blade is placed on Hills of Steam.

Bill must defeat 4 Combat Waylays; his Waylay score is reduced to 11 thanks to Lord Gamine's Backing, and he has 15 days to complete it. He starts in Eidolon and may move to any League.

Day 1
He decides to start with Ardenroad (3). There are no Exit or Entry Trials, so Bill moves Pyro and draws from the Waylay Deck. He draws Fianna Garou, but it's a Savvy Test, so he buries it and draws Magical Barrier. That is a Resolve Test, so it is also buried and he next draws Waterrunner. It is a Combat Test but doesn't match the terrain. He draws Cog Soldier, but again the terrain is wrong. Whirlpool is buried, and finally he draws Slavers, a Combat 2 that is playable on Roads. Bill rolls 5 for a total of 7; the opposing roll is 6 for a total of 8. Bill exhausts Burn & Boil to change his result to 11 and Slavers is defeated. Three more Combat Waylays to go.

Day 2
Bill claims the Lance of Ardlanth.

Day 3
Bill moves Pyro to Hills of Steam. There are no Exit or Entry Trials. Bill draws from the Waylay Deck and draws Mounted Spidereye Goblin, a Combat 4. Bill rolls a 5 for a total of 9; the opposing roll is 6 for a total of 10. Bill decides to exhaust Dem Bones to re-roll his one, and rolls a 2, forcing a tie. Bill then exhausts Perceptive Fighter and wins the combat. The Goblin is discarded. Two more Combat Waylays to go.

Day 4
Bill claims the Fae Blade.

Day 5
Bill travels back to Ardenroad (3) and rests.

Day 6
Bill rests for a second day and is able to recover Perceptive Fighter.

Day 7
Bill returns to Eidolon and rests, recovering Dem Bones and Burn & Boil.

Day 8
Bill travels to Blackrock Pass. He draws Arborian Oak-kin from the Waylay deck (Combat 6) but that takes him over his Waylay limit, so he draws again and gets Giant Slug, Combat 2. Bill rolls a 7 for a total of 11; the opposing roll is 8 for a total of 10. Bill has triumphed! Giant Slug is discarded. He has faced 8 Waylay points and must encounter at least 3 more. One more Combat Waylay to go.

Day 9
Bill moves Pyro to Darkreach Loche. This has a Might Trial 5 to enter. Bill rolls a 6 for a total of 8 and passes the Trial. From the Waylay Deck Bill draws Water Elemental, Combat 3 and a perfect terrain fit. The Lance is of no use against the Water Elemental. Bill rolls an 8 for a total of 10; the opposing roll is 10 for a total of 13. Bill exhausts Burn and Boil, cooking the Elemental with a total of 14. Bill has won and defeated 4 Combat Waylays, fulfilling the Quest. He just needs to return to Eidolon.

Day 10
Bill moves to The Kyrian Tower, and does not have an Exit Trial since he is leaving Darkreach Locke by road. He also doesn't have any more Waylays to face.

Day 11
Bill moves to Eidolon and completes the Quest 4 days early. He returns the Lance (nice weapon!) and the Fae Blade, and has 2 XP. All his Merits are restored.

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