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This is a site dedicated to the Arcadia collectible card game released by White Wolf in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring a role playing aspect. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Legend of Arcadia: Quest#5


The Waylay Deck is re-shuffled. For Treasure, Bill draws Sidhe Sword and Fae Blade. He places the Fae Blade on Court of Praxis Tynon and the Sidhe Sword is set aside for now.

To complete this Quest, Bill must have Pyro travel from Darkreach Mountains to the Sybilline Swamp, meet the Oracle, recover the Sidhe Sword, and return to the Swamp, while facing 8 points of Waylays. Bill plans to run the Warhorse hard to complete this Quest.

Day 1
Bill moves from Darkreach Mountains to Court of Praxis Tynon. There is no Exit Trial since Pyro is traveling through Hills, but that also means he cannot use the Warhorse movement option, since that is only valid on Roads or Fields. The Waylay is Unseelie Knight, a Combat 3. Since Pyro is Seelie, the Knight is actually a Combat 4. Bill rolls a 7 for a total of 10; the opposing roll is 7 for a total of 11. Bill exhausts Burn & Boil to change his result to 14 and Unseelie Knight is discarded. He must still face 5 more points of Waylays.

Day 2
Bill recovers the Fae Blade.

Day 3
Bill uses the movement option of the Warhorse, moving from Court of Praxis Tynon to Greyview, and then to Palinian Road (Court of Praxis Tynon and Greyview are connected by Fields). There are no Entry or Exit Trials, but Bill must now face a Waylay. He draws more Slavers, a Combat 2. Pyro tears into them, as Bill rolls a 4 for a total of 8 and the opposing roll is 7 for a total of 9. Bill exhausts Dem Bones to re-roll and gets an 8, for a total of 12, and defeats the Slavers, who are discarded. Bill has 3 more points of Waylays.

Day 4
Bill decides to exhaust the Warhorse by moving from Palinian Road to Splendour Waters and then to Middlemarch Junction...it is his last opportunity to take advantage of the horse's special movement, so he does. There are no Exit or Entry Trials, but once again Pyro must face a Waylay. Bill draws Oathfriend, a Savvy 2 Test that counts as 1 Waylay point. Bill rolls a 5 for a total of 6; the opposing roll is 6 for a total of 8. Pyro loses and must spend an extra day on the space. The Waylay text states that Bill does not have to exhaust a Merit. Bill has 2 more points of Waylays.

Day 5
Bill passes the required extra day on the space.

Day 6
Bill moves from Middlemarch Juntion to Irondew Road (2). There are no Exit or Entry Trials. Bill draws Huntsman's Snare as the Waylay, a Might 1 Test. Bill rolls 9 for a total of 12; the opposing roll is 5 for a total of 6. Bill wins and the Huntsman's Snare is discarded. Bill has 1 more Waylay point.

Day 7
Bill moves from Irondew Road (2) to Irondew Keep. There is no Exit or Entry Trial since Pyro enters by Road. Bill draws Corporeal Ghost for the Waylay. Pyro has dealt with these creatures before and attacks. Bill rolls snake eyes (!) for a total of 6; the opposing roll is 11. Bill loses and is forced to retreat and exhaust Bag of Gold. Since he loses by more than 2, he must also exhaust the Fae Blade.

Day 8
Instead of messing with the Corporeal Ghost, Bill decides to go around it. He moves from Irondew Road (2) to Grey River. It's a Might Trial 5 to enter. Bill rolls a 3 for a total of 6 and enters the Grey River. Bill has no exhausted abilities, so there's no reason to rest. Since the Grey River is a marsh league and Pyro has entered it successfully, the first part of the Quest is ended. Pyro now has 6 days to get to Sibylline Swamp.

Day 9
Bill tries to move from Grey River to The Ruins of Plugrath, but must complete Exit and Entry Might Trials for each. He rolls a 2 for a total of 5, then a 5 for a total of 8 and passes both. He rests and recovers Dem Bones.

Day 10
Bill attempts to move from The Ruins of Plugrath to The Swamplands; he must pass an Exit Might Trial of 5 and an Enter Might Trial of 4. Bill rolls a 6 for a total of 9, then a 3 for a total of 6 and enters The Swamplands.

Day 11
Bill moves to Sibylline Swamp from The Swamplands by rolling a 4 for a total of 7 and a 6 for a total of 9. Pyro rests as he speaks with the Oracle and recovers the Fae Blade. The Oracle tells Pyro he must recover the Sidhe Sword and bring it back to her. Since the Sidhe Sword must be placed up to 2 spaces away, Bill places it on The Ruins of Plugrath. Bill has completed the second part of the Quest 3 days early; he now has 6 days to finish the last part.

Day 12
Bill moves from Sibylline Swamp to The Swamplands, passing the trials by rolling a couple of 2s.

Day 13
Bill moves from The Swamplands to The Ruins of Plugrath by rolling a 3 and a 4. He recovers the Sidhe Sword.

Day 14
Bill moves back to The Swamplands from The Ruins of Plugrath by rolling a 2 and a 3.

Day 15
Bill moves to Sibylline Swamp from The Swamplands by rolling a 2 but gets a 1 on the Entry Trial and has to exhaust Dem Bones to re-roll a 3 and pass. He gives the Sidhe Sword to the Oracle, and also returns the Fae Blade since he has completed the Quest (2 days early!). Bill's Merits are restored and he now has 2 XP.


Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog after unearthing some Arcadia cards I have. Haven't read through everything yet, but I plan to. Especially interested in trying out your solo rules. Thanks for this and keep up the great work!

Jackalwere said...

Excellent! Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think of the solo rules if you try them out...

aschua said...

I love Arcadia Wyld Hunt and King Ironheart's Madness. Thank you for putting up this site for fans and gamers who collect this game.

Thank you for posting the alternate rules, the list of cards, and the other stuff. I hope you can continue writing on this blog.