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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Legend of Arcadia: Quest#3


The Waylay Deck is re-shuffled. For Treasure, Bill draws Al-Kanon The Chaos Sword, but it has a cost of 3 and the Quest only has a Treasure rating of 2, so it is buried and Satyr's Pipes is drawn instead. The Pipes are placed on Ardenroad (3).

To complete this Quest, Bill must travel through at least 4 different Leagues, one of which must be Darkreach Mountains, and he must spend an extra day looking for Gamine in each League. The Waylay rating is 9 instead of 8 due to Bill's experience (and of course Lord Gamine's Backing).

Day 1
Bill travels from Eidolon to Ardonroad (3). The Waylay drawn is Mounted Spidereye Goblin, but it doesn't fit the terrain, so Bill draws Trojan Horse instead. The Horse is a Combat 3. Bill rolls a 4 for a total of 6; the opposing roll is 7 for a total of 10. Exhausting Burn & Boil will only force a tie, so Bill exhausts Dem Bones instead and re-rolls both dice. This time he gets 8 for a total of 10. Now he exhausts Perceptive Fighter for a total of 11 and defeats the Trojan Horse. He has 6 more Waylay points to face.

Day 2
Bill cannot count his extra day if resting or encountering a Waylay, but looking for Treasure is neither of those, so Bill claims Satyr's Pipes while searching for Gamine and fulfills the "extra day" requirement.

Day 3
Bill moves from Ardenroad (3) to Hills of Steam. The Waylay drawn is Gord's Knot. Since Bill has already recovered the only Treasure, this Waylay is buried and a new one is drawn: Gnome's Brew, a Might 4. Bill rolls a 9 for a total of 11; the opposing roll is 10 for a total of 14. Bill fails, giving Pyro a massive hangover and a -1 to all Tests and Trials. Bill exhausts Bag of Gold and Gnome's Brew is discarded. Bill only has 2 more Waylay points to face.

Day 4
Bill uses this day to search for Gamine. At the end of the day he tries to pass a Might Trial 7 to get over the hangover, and rolls an 6 for a total of 7 (he has -1 from the hangover). Pyro passes the Trial and shakes the hangover.

Day 5
Bill moves to Court of Praxis Tynon. The Waylay drawn is Rogue Troll, but it is a Combat 4 and Bill only has 2 Waylay points left. Rogue Troll is buried, and Bill continues to draw and bury Waylays until he gets one that matches terrain and Waylay points: Thomas the Lame Brigand, a Combat 1. Bill rolls 11 for a total of 13, and the opposing roll is 4 for a total of 5. Bill beats the Waylay. Normally Thomas could be sent against another player, but since this is Solo, he is merely discarded. Bill has 1 more Waylay point to face.

Day 6
Bill spends the required extra day to look for Gamine instead of resting.

Day 7
Bill moves to Darkreach Mountains; there are no Exit or Entry Trials since Court of Praxis Tynon counts as Hills. He draws Boulder as the Waylay, a Might 1. Bill rolls 6 for a total of 8; the opposing roll is 8 for a total of 9. Bill has failed to move the Boulder, and exhausts Davelon.

Day 8
Bill tries again to move the Boulder, rolling an 8 for a total of 10; the opposing roll is 7 for a total of 8. Bill moves the Boulder (it stays on the space).

Day 9
Bill spends the required extra day searching for Gamine. Though his search was fruitless, Bill has completed the Quest. He turns in Satyr's Pipes and his Merits are restored. He now has 3 XP. Since he has been getting hammered in Might Tests, Bill uses his 3 XP to buy a Belt of Troll Strength for Pyro, so his XP is reduced to 0.

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