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This is a site dedicated to the Arcadia collectible card game released by White Wolf in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring a role playing aspect. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Suggested Errata for Lost! and Thomas, The Lame Brigand

In reviewing card data for Waylays Lost! and Thomas, the Lame Brigand, I think they are incorrect. Both show icons for Lake, River and Ocean Terrain. This makes no sense for Lost!, since the difficulty is based on the Terrain, which does not even list Lake and River, and instead lists several other Terrain types not symbolized on the card! And Thomas makes no sense thematically: why would a brigand be encountered on Lake, Ocean, and River Terrain, instead of Road, Ruins, etc.?

My proposal for Lost! is that it should be every Terrain type defined in the card difficulty: Forest, Ruins, Town, Border, Marsh, Mountains, Ocean, and Cave.

My proposal for Thomas is the same as Thieves!: Border, Bridge, Castle, and Town. Although a brigand is more similar to a pirate than a thief, the Pirate Waylay does involve water terrain, which distances itself from Thomas. Also, the text of Thomas, the Lame Brigand indicates he doesn't get around like he used to, so you would be more likely to find him hanging out closer to town, instead of wandering the wilderness...

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