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This is a site dedicated to the Arcadia collectible card game released by White Wolf in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring a role playing aspect. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Legend of Arcadia: Quest#4


The Waylay Deck is re-shuffled. For Treasure, Bill draws Knocker's Artifact. Davelon, Warhorse, Dem Bones, and Belt of Troll Strength are removed from play.

To complete this Quest, Bill must journey at least 3 Leagues from Darkreach Mountains before playing Waylays. Since Bill has 2 Allies and 2 Treasure, plus the Knocker's Artifact, he must defeat 5 Waylays (7 points' worth) on 5 different Leagues, then return to Darkreach Mountains and defeat the Slavers Waylay. Time will be the most crucial factor, so Pyro may have to leave an Ally or Treasure behind to complete the Quest.

Day 1
Bill travels from Darkreach Mountains to Ogre King Road. there's no Exit trial since Pyro is traveling by Road. There's no need to rest so Bill takes no further action.

Day 2
Bill travels from Ogre King Road to Hall of the Ogre King.

Day 3
Bill travels from Hall of the Ogre King to Blackrock Pass. He is 3 Leagues from Darkreach Mountains and may now encounter Waylays and recover his lost Treasure and Allies. The Waylay drawn is Giant Slug. It is a Combat 2, so it fits the Waylay requirements. Bill rolls an 11 for a total of 13; the opposing roll is 8 for a total of 11. Bill defeats Giant Slug and it is discarded.

Day 4
Bill rolls to see which Treasure or Ally he recovers and it is Dem Bones.

Day 5
Bill moves from Blackrock Pass to Eidolon. The Waylay drawn is Corporeal Ghost, a Combat 1 that must be defeated twice! Bill rolls a 6 for a total of 8; the opposing roll is 5 for a total of 6. Bill wins the first round, and may continue to attack on the same day until he loses. His second roll is an 8 for a total of 10; the opposing roll is 7 for a total of 8. Bill has defeated the Ghost and it is discarded.

Day 6
Bill rolls to see what is recovered this time and it is the Belt of Troll Strength.

Day 7
Bill moves from Eidolon to Ardenroad (3). He faces the Waylay Unicorn. Since Pyro is Seelie, this is a Savvy 2 Test. Bill rolls a 6 for a total of 7; the opposing roll is 7 for a total of 9. Bill exhausts Dem Bones to re-roll the die with 2, and gets a 5, for a new total of 10. With a huge sigh of relief Bill has passed the test, and Unicorn is discarded.

Day 8
Bill rolls to see what is recovered and it is Warhorse.

Day 9
With only 1 day left, Bill is in a tight spot. He has not found Davelon, but he needs to get back and defeat the Slavers. He uses the movement option of the Warhorse to move from Ardenroad (3) to Hills of Steam, and then to Court of Praxis Tynon. He has faced 6 points of Waylay, so there is only 1 left. The Waylay is Banek, a Combat 1. Bill rolls a 4 for a total of 7; the opposing roll is 11 for a total of 12. Bill could tie the Banek by exhausting Burn & Boil and Perceptive Fighter, but that would leave him very helpless against the Slavers. Instead, Bill takes the defeat and has a -1 to Combat and Might Tests and Trials. Bill exhausts Bag of Gold. Since the Banek has fled with Pyro's food and has been discarded, Bill does not need to face the Waylay again or retreat back to Hills of Steam. There are no more Waylays except for the Slavers. Knocker's Artifact and Davelon are lost; Davelon sold into slavery in some Fac Tory in Middlemarch. With fury in his heart, Pyro seeks the Slavers.

Day 10
Bill moves Pyro from Court of Praxis Tynon to Darkreach Mountains (no Entry Trial since travel is by Hills) and Pyro attacks the Slavers camp. Slavers is a Combat 2. Bill rolls 7 for a total of 9 (he gets +1 from the Belt but -1 from the Banek); the opposing roll is also 7 for a total of 9. Bill exhausts Burn & Boil, and the Slavers are burned alive. The Quest is complete and Bill's Merits are restored. Knocker's Artifact is returned. Bill now has 1 XP.

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