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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Legend of Arcadia: Quest #7


Without Davelon around, the Pilgrim's Burden revealed that Pyro could really use more Savvy, so he recruits an Ally, Lady Kryddia, Sidhe Adventurer, for 3 XP (leaving him 0 XP). The Waylay Deck is reshuffled. For Treasure, Bill draws Winged Sandals, Hawk Knife, and Coral Trident. Bill places Splendourscale on The Kyrrian Tower, the Hawk Knife on The Eastern Coastal Road (1), the Coral Trident on Oceanius, and the Winged Sandals on Palanian Coast Junction.

To complete the Quest, Pyro must journey from Raxis to The Kyrrian Tower, confront the Dragon, recover 2 Treasures (Bill chooses this option instead of Testing), return to The Kyrrian Tower, then return the other Treasure to Raxis, all within 10 days. He must also face 9 points of Waylays.

Day 1
Bill leaves Raxis and uses the Warhorse's movement to pass through Middleguard and on to Goldenreach Fields since both are Field Leagues.The Waylay drawn is Sandman, a Resolve 4. Bill rolls a 5 for a total of 8; the opposing roll is also 5 for a total of 9. Pyro loses and Bill opts to retreat, because Indecisive will make this a difficult Test to pass, and exhausts Bag of Gold.

Day 2
Bill uses the Warhorse's movement to move from Middleguard to Palinian-Coast Junction and then on to Oceanius since they are Field Leagues. The Waylay drawn is Sphinx's Riddle, a Resolve 2 which Pyro once faced on his  first Quest (cost is 3). Bill rolls 10 for a total of 13; the opposing roll is 9 for a total of 11. Indecisive is exhausted and Bill most roll again. He gets a 7 for a total of 10 and loses, so now he must immediately test as Combat. Bill rolls a 10 for a total of 13; the opposing roll is 8 for a total of 12, and Pyro defeats the Sphinx's Riddle once again. He must face 2 more points of Waylay.

Day 3
Bill moves from Oceanius to The Eastern Coastal Road (1). The Waylay drawn is Ardenmore Guard Patrol, a cost of 1 which Bill elects to face as a Might 2 Test. Bill rolls 6 for a total of 9; the opposing roll is 6 for a total of 8, however Warrant must be exhausted since it is an Ardenmore Guard Patrol, so the opposing total is actually 10. Bill exhausts Belt of Troll Strength to change his total to 13 and defeats the patrol. He must face 1 more point of Waylay.

Day 4
Bill does some quick calculations and determines that he can complete the Quest as long as his last Waylay can be overcome. Bill moves from The Eastern Coastal Road (1) to The Kyrrian Tower and confronts Splendourscale. Pyro agrees to recover Treasure for the dragon. The last Waylay is now played and it is Oathfriend, a Savvy 2 with a cost of 1. Arrgg! Another possible delay! Bill opts to have Lady Kryddia test in Pyro's place. Bill rolls 7 for a total of 10; the opposing roll is 5 for a total of 7. Success! There are no more Waylays to face.

Day 5
By resting here Bill could start on Oceanius, but he'd have to give up a day to rest and he doesn't have the time. Instead he uses the Warhorse's movement and moves to The Eastern Coastal Road (1) and then on to Oceanius. He spends the day searching for Treasure and recovers the Coral Trident.

Day 6
Bill moves back to The Eastern Coastal Road (1) and recovers the Hawk Knife.

Day 7
Bill moves to The Kyrrian Tower. Bill rolls and Splendourscale keeps the Coral Trident. Bill must now deliver the Hawk Knife to Raxis.

Day 8
Bill uses the Warhorse's movement to Eidolon and then to Eidle Road (both are Field Leagues). He avoids Goldenreach Fields because Sandman is still there.

Day 9
Bill moves to Raxis and the Hawk Knife is delivered as the dragon's tax payment. Pyro's reknown increases as he becomes the first to collect taxes from a dragon! Bill's Merits are restored and he now has 1 XP.

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