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This is a site dedicated to the Arcadia collectible card game released by White Wolf in the mid '90s. This was a great game featuring a role playing aspect. The game is now out of print and some cards are extremely difficult to find.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Legend of Arcadia: Quest #8


The Waylay deck is reshuffled. For Treasure Bill draws Winged Sandals and Knocker's Artifact. He places Knocker's Artifact on Palinian Coast Junction and Winged Sandals on Oceanius.

To complete this Quest, Pyro must travel through at least 6 different Leagues, and return to Eidolon. Bill rolls a 4, so 4 of the Leagues must be a border. He must also face 10 points of Walays.

Day 1
Pyro leaves Raxis and uses the Warhorse's movement to travel through Middlemarch and on to Goldenreach Fields. Fortunately the Sandman has moved on, but the place still haunts Pyro. This time the Waylay faced is Cog Dragoon, a Combat 5! Bill rolls a 9 for a total of 12; the opposing roll is 10 for a total of 15. Bill exhausts Burn & Boil for a total of 16 and defeats the Cog Dragoon. He must still face another 5 points of Waylays.

Day 2
Bill moves to Oceanius. The Waylay drawn is Jealous Redcap, a cost 3, which Pyro chooses to face as a Combat 4. Bill rolls 6 for a total of 9; the opposing roll is 5 for a total of 9, resulting in a tie. Bill exhausts Perceptive Fighter for a total of 10 and defeats the Jealous Redcap. He must still face 2 points of Waylays.

Day 3
Bill searches for Treasure and recovers the Winged Sandals.

Day 4
Bill moves to Palanian Coast Junction. The Waylay is Spike Trap, a Combat 3 Test with a cost of 1. Bill rolls 6 for a total of 9; the opposing roll is 8 for a total of 11. Bill exhausts Dem Bones and re-rolls his 1, getting a 3 for a new total of 11, resulting in a tie. The Belt of Troll Strength can't be used because it's a Combat Trial, not a Might Trial. However, since it is a tie, Bill does not have to retreat or exhaust a Merit. He also does not have to face the Waylay again because Spike Trap specifically states that you discard it after it's encountered. With a sigh of relief, Bill has outlasted the Spike Trap and must face 1 point of Waylays. The Spike Trap is discarded.

Day 5
Bill has traveled through 4 Leagues, 3 of which are borders, so he has plenty of time to search for Treasure. He recovers the Knocker's Artifact.

Day 6
Bill moves to Coral Palace and encounters the last Waylay, Corporeal Ghost! Pyro has seen far too many of these for his liking. It's a Combat 1 that must be defeated twice. Bill rolls 7 for a total of 10; the opposing roll is 3 for a total of 4. So far, so good. Bill rolls 4 for a total of 7; the opposing roll is 4 for a total of 5. Bill wins and Corporeal Ghost is discarded. There are no more Waylays left to face.

Day 7
Bill has now met the "4 Borders" requirement but must travel to 1 more League. He uses the Warhorse's movement to move back to Palinian Coast Junction, then on to Middleguard.

Day 8
Bill exhausts the Warhorse to move to Goldenreach Fields, then to Eidle Road. He has now traveled to 6 different Leagues.

Day 9
Bill moves to Eidolon and the Quest is completed. The Winged Sandals and Knocker's Artifact are returned and Bill's Merit's are restored. He now has 2 XP and spends it to buy off Indecisive, leaving him now with 0 XP.

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